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The heart of the Riviera, the glamorous and the mundane is located in Milano Marittima. From the hotel to the bathing establishments, discos, a holiday here is fashionable and flirty. You can also live a Milano Marittima, quiet and relaxing, as a couple or family with children because the services are modern and comfortable, but those who choose Milano Marittima is especially for its night life and theatmosphere of a vip that you can breathe around. This location is also attractive because it is located in agreen area of great natural beauty and cultural, a few kilometers from the Parco del Delta del Po and Ravenna. Milano Marittima is for all, per lovers of fun and night life that explodes after the sunset in the street bars and nightclubs, for those who want to chase the vip in their summer holidays and for those who want to be the designer shopping. Completely changing the genre, Milano Marittima is also for those who want to immerse themselves in the fascinating nature of the large pine trees that reach the sea: the tranquillity of these areas makes it perfect for families and for those seeking a holiday of peace and relaxation.

What to do

The beach and the sea

In addition to basking in the sun, on the beach of Milano Marittima, there are other activities that you can do. Very relaxing and healthy, is the walk on the bagnoasciuga that you will discover all the beaches, the many restaurants 'sea view' and will allow you to reach Cervia in costume. For those who love the fun , instead, along the coast will entice you by the variety of watersports, including water Skiing, Wakeboarding , and the hilarious Banana water.



If Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, Milano Marittima is not far behind. The small town is famous for the designer shopping in the streets of the city centre. In the triangle of via Romagna, Bologna, and Milan there are more than 10 boutique of footwear. The nearby via Matteotti is the kingdom of Missoni, Prada, Miu Miu and other brands ofhigh fashion.



Immersed in the green of a centuries-old pinewood, Milano Marittima is the perfect starting point for those who want to live a riviera among sea and nature. The Pine forest covers about 290 hectares and has hundreds of combinations of trails dedicated to running and cycling, with the presence of many tools dedicated to the exercise of your musculature. Characteristic of the Pine is its Natural Park where you will have the possibility to enter in contact with many other species of animals. Not to be missed, is the morning at the park CerviaAvventura where the boys and the little ones will want among the pines and firs in the paths formed by rope bridges, wooden walkways, bridges, ropes and pulleys. On the shore of the channel, the seat of the Club of Canoe Kayak, in addition to rent the vehicles and organize courses, also provides interesting guided tours in the sea and in the channel district of saline. Very impressive, for example, thenight tour with an astronomer who explained the constellations, and a forestry expert that allows you to see the nocturnal wildlife.


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Speaking of sports, Milano Marittima has a number of points to his advantage. One of these is theAdriatic Golf Club, a golf course with 27 holes and the opportunity to take lessons with a qualified teacher. Very popular is the Tennis Club of Milano Marittima, the exclusive club where every year in mid-July, the island hosts the Vip Master Tennis, tennis tournament between vip. For those who love the sea instead, the canalino di Milano Marittima will have the possibility to take lessons of sailing, rent boards from the surf, sails from windserf and the famous pedal boats.


Happy Hour

That is to say, known and envied throughout Italy, the Happy Hour of the Papeete Beach is definitely an experience that you will have to try. From 18:00 in the afternoon, then, walking to the centre, life will all street bars and all of the night dedicated to making magic for your aperitif accompanied by music and a rich buffet.


Mare e Spaiggia


Night Life

Just comes down to the evening, you will be spoilt for choice on what to do, in any case, the fun is assured. From a few hundred people in the afternoon, in the evening, the centre of Milano Marittima will go to tens of thousands. For the familglie, the distractions are many: salegiochi, outdoor cinema, mini golf, ski slopes, cars and electric go-kart. For young people it opens a world of fun. The evening will begin in the street bar, to then end up in some of the clubs most famous and exclusive of Italy, including the Pine forest Luxury Hall and Villa Papeete.



A 5-minute bike ride from the Hotel, you will arrive at Cervia, a destination recommended for its beauty and the many activities available. For those who want to try anexperience of pure relaxation, we recommend a day at the Spa. Among the therapeutic treatments that you are running, there are inhalations, irrigations, massages, mud baths and baths, physical therapies and aesthetic treatments. Absolutely worth a visit are the Salt pans, which produce from the most ancient times sea salt that you will feel to call the “White Gold”. For the evening, finally, it is recommended a walk on the channel where you will find a variety of local and restaurants at the edge of water.


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